Nah. enjoy this head <33 just wanted to say if you guys haven't noticed i've quit graal sadly, im sorry for those who enjoy my customs im glad you do but for my sake i will not be doing gfx anymore. I also got Mili to help choose a new background and also look at everything again. (s/o to connie and isa for still checking hehe) ~ pls comment if you still check, and we can add each other to our other sites pages! !((cred to orginial owner!!)). most of them are from scratch except for bangs and the wavy thing on top of the head and some parts of the sideview. Bodies. XD. That means youve stood up for something, sometime in your life.. HERE IS MY OLD PERSONALS CX HAPPY 50% OFF LOL! Si quiero un codigo privado pero me ponen que necesito permiso de graphics que puedo hacer? Anyways Its meant to be some kind of double pigtail. Get Started. (LogOut/ theres a girl around era her name is helena adams! salut Everything else (including eyes, hair, colours, blink, gif > all from scratch ) were made by me. Its also heart-warming to see some sites are still posting and some new trends are being made. Welcome, Darling. Home Page. PS ~ Ty to these loyal stars. This is kinda sad, but new year, new decisions to be made and Ive been thinking its time I leave. i hope you all understand, and hopefully i will see you in about 3 months! Feel free to edit! home. Customize - GraalDepot Online Customize Here you can upload your custom (and UNIQUE) artwork for Graal Classic, Era and Zone, and earn up to 20000 Gralats for your efforts! Once you are happy with your design, upload it it to your favorite Graal game using the above links. Fixed a lot of the shading/outline/shapes etc. Faggot fucked you up and you want revenge? Nice heads I already saw a few that I liked. Skip to content. Things looked good until quarantine at least. Here we go again with my bad intro! The face is made by me so please do give credits when you use it! document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ). One text states Here you can upload your custom (and UNIQUE) artwork for Graal Classic, Era and Zone, and earn up to 20000 Gralats for your efforts! But I dont understand how this works. i'm pretty sure you would be suprised :), Edited from lucy sophie and leah (Cattey). Great collection of heads .. thank you. I used to play every day when I was introduced to the game and it was a constant since near the end of 2013 (Mili and I started playing together cause we close)and even when the effort to log in became too much, I still loved the game. yeonjun fangirl asf. Please enjoy! So, enjoy! This site has also went through so many members added onto the RIP page. rest was from scratch (but inspired by a deviantartists style, cant remember their user, sorry!!). Upload | Graal Era. Do you ever update this site its been months its pathetic where waiting for nicer heads? Origin body was made by Quavo but I edited it some. Sorry its not gif; its kinda too much work for me and GIMP has been wack lately for gif exports. Absolutely love this set, I think its SO cute. Home Updates Male Heads Female bodies non- human/other Templates Other Sites! If not credited, youll be wasting someones time and also ruining the achievements theyve worked for. SET TRANS for the bodies. Things looked good until quarantine at least. Create a website or blog at PM or Chu(Uzi Family) or Zack (Ebizou Dab)-Tecca Nina. Enter your guild information. Disclaimer tea-spillers: No hate towards Ferri, shes still amazing, BlackSinisterGfx (Shes new! I hope you like my editing skills lmao. Sorry, I dont know the original artist! i especially love the frontview and backview hihi. allytats blog. Graalonline Custom Uploads. Mirsgfx! Ngl I just laughed too much reading this, Thank to the 150.314 of you who visited my site, Credits to Alexxa since its her old personal . Contact me. and even when the effort to log in became too much, I still loved the game. Whats the coolest pixel painter for shield? (LogOut/ Mc; Mystic Messenger. I decided to go for it and do what i always have done. THEY FINALLY FIXED SOME STUFF . Well youre absolutely wrong! January 16, . Kiritos body I didn't make, but the head is an edit. also i recolored the body. Apparently views are still good considering Ive been gone for like a year now (I consider 300+ views great still). The theme pastel colors has made it to a second place. Graal Guides. This is a basic tutorial on how to make a head on Graal Era, in this video we talked about certain topics such as functions of the app, the app itself and many more! I wanted to expose my ifiler -_-*, I wanna say serengfx gave me the originial im the owner of the orginial set ., this girl i swear .the head shes wear is made by me! Required fields are marked *. Note: All of the links to upload open in a new tab. D:) I know Im late and I swear I tried to edit faster but Im so lAzY. only the first head blinks; Please give credit! Graal Upload Furreh Chingyun. custom graal heads c: NniGfx ~hiatus [e][e] Create a free website or blog at But of course i wont stop editing :)! thank you! Bread gfx. Make personal? Well, I have edited enough heads for Graal to know the similarities. How to EDIT HEADS in GraalOnline Puddles 5.32K subscribers Subscribe 846 Share 31K views 6 years ago Have you ever seen a head you like, but there's just something you wish was different about. This has lead me to recycling games, becoming bored and moving on. Female section. love you ~. original heads from Dazzle Boutiquez (GraalOnlineEra) I'll be editing default/shop heads from Graal by combining them or turning them into something different but with a reference to it! thanks for voting on my next theme voting system. * Without C logo = 50 gralats, (WARNING: GIF HEADS AND FULL CUSTOMIZED BODIES ARE TAKING LONGER TO FINISH, PLEASE BE PATIENT). skintone from. For me, I used to be obsessed with the game and the site was included as well. Moving on, you are all so loyal . He ifiled it! 1.05. Although, Its still tough cause I dont really vibe with the atmosphere in the college that I chose and I feel as if the subjects I chose shouldve been kept as hobbies. That's it from me see yall. Preview your custom character by mixing Bodies, Heads, Shields & Hats to see what they will look like: Graal Character Viewer, (All-in-one Drag and Drop viewer to test out heads and bodies hats and shields before you upload them to the game works for PC and iOS). . when you upload here can you have a free gralats? ), credits:me (face + major hair edit on all frames) & yarexy (base hair), do not set transparency when uploading . If you save thumbnail, you lose all the extra features! A casual Graal Online Era player that loves to collect cute items and things that may interest her. How do I know those heads had been edited themselves? 18 December 2021 13 December 2021 Fla. For example, her wordpress has a head that Kuroneko made for MayuP on graal era, . I will be making some gothic heads, But do not feel disappointed for the people who voted on pastel colors. Your email address will not be published. pastelgothgfx. IOS/Android/PC (2021) YouSet WeDo 1.31K subscribers Subscribe 75 Share 4.6K views 1 year ago Are you looking to upload a new head or body ? Hey fluffycharm here!! Heres a before after shot of my new edit, go to the heads section for the head!! Create a free website or blog at May 22, 2017 . *.png = 300 gralats (theres still some amazing ones though) and I apologise for all my darker skin BBs as I didnt make any before. base aka first head from cruzfamilygfx. male heads. DarkSkin. the head and body are from. Boy Heads Non-Human Heads Boy Bodies Full Customs Other Custom Websites Enjoy all customs on the website! je peut vous dire que je suis depuis 2010 sur graalonline classic mes je peut pas me upload quand jjai reussi jai perdu tout mes gralat javais 89 000 est jai rendu avec 90 gralat un glitc hou quoi je vais pas quitte mes je veux mes gralat ! *Rude comments will be removed immediately. It really means allot who already followed me :)! Caus i very like them. Please remember to credit pastelgothgfx if you edit or upload these, ty! cc. Wholeheartedly, I really do apologise for leaving kind of sudden but also not putting out a proper goodbye. and shes not me! Ill make more skintones soon + different eye shapes. Then you can upload it to GraalOnline and it will work! So im back again, and i want to thank you for all the views because holy crap were already on 30,000+! Since its weird, lemme know if I should keep it and make a regular pigtails version. What yall here for I FINISHED THE ZERO TWO HEAD! took the bangs and eyecolor from second head which is from. My longest departure ever, lmao. if any of you are curious on what i look like on graal era. If there are any problems leave a comment in the comment section. Lyn here and as you can see, Halloween is over :c, Heres my last Halloween post and since my last one got so much support, I decided to make a similar one with a normal one but skeleton themed, (and yes, Im finally able to reindex lol), Creds to LyraGfx for the head (ty to this loyal star too ) and Azngirlz for body . 5k Trochus* Updated 1/5/2017 1:10 PM. FAKE ZUES READ ASAP. As for other news, I literally have my practice exams next week and pretty much everythings going to be treated as if it were my real exams PfFfFt FUDGE THAT. However, please do give credit if editing anything from this site: Yes, its dead now but that doesnt mean you should take advantage of it. If you own a head and would like credit, please comment on this page and I'd be happy to repost it! i may come back to graal depends i'll think about it but thank you for those who have been there for me and supported me <33 i hope u all have a great Its really annoying that still people think they edited themselves and claim it as themselves. Im on my way to becoming independent and mature but I feel the desire to step back and waste time on some pixels. Anyway, as previously stated, Ive updated some things on the site. updates found on bottom of page. So talented and just when I thought the ideas would run dry, I saw people posting a lotta original content. This page is so you can find female heads easier. cc = color changeable. heres another edit for you guys/girls! Its known that theres a lack of GFX sites with. ENJOY!! well because this is a very important year for me because i need to make exams. Lyn here and finally, as you can see, we have reached 300k! BTW School Year is going to end so im thinking of evolving heads and making Extreme changes into it Loveya Guys! . Im considering doing heads primarily now as I can then focus on adding a variety of skin tones. TBH I feel kinda ashamed returning as I should be focusing on my studies now. If so this. Upload to Classic Upload to Era Upload to Zone, Male Heads Female Heads Animals/Non human Bodies. Shan,Graalonline,Gfx. And lastly. It may seem like people on these sites are too obsessive or attached; however, if you think about it, its a piece of someones childhood game and that tends to stick around for most people. Your email address will not be published. I also recently updated the site with a new page for extension and matching sets, go check it out! Hey, stars! I know most already make a lot of zombie sets but cmon, whats a site without a zombie set? personally, i like this version better! ._. The base head is from Qwerty, I removed the buns and changed some parts of the hair. Customs may be animated GIFs or PNG files with alpha-transparency. Please set the transparency on when you upload them. original head came from poochymoochy, I actually have edited it in the past and decided to make a new one(I plan to do the same to some other past works Ive done!). Male section. Upload | Graal Zone. Hullo my stars. (and yes, I'm finally able to reindex lol) Creds to LyraGfx for the head (ty to this loyal star too ) and Azngirlz for body. cc. Don't wait any longer and email me! You're at the best site ever. So seen a guy with todoroki from my hero academia head how would I get that same head on era? Panther Heads Recolours More Dragon Heads Graal depot bear recolors. Upload Customs to Graal (Classic, Era, Zone), 7 Best Way to Get FREE Gralats 100% Works, IF YOU WANT A NEW HEAD OR BODY MADE BY SKITTLEZ. please share this head with everyone on graal! One of the more fancier heads Ive had, and I hold it dearly, but Im sure yallwill be able to make some wonderful new heads with this! GFX Friends. just the moon . Like frfr i made the head , This head was my personal for awhile but i want you girls/guys to have it feel free to edit it or not , Haii!! Everyone knows the upload that I use and I have already seen several people in graal with it, it is very annoying, I do not care if they use the head since it is from lauv gfx but the body I have modified and it is obvious that I infile it. Recipes showing step by step directions with pictures and a printable recipe card. The head for Asuna is an edit, and the body is 100% made by me. I did another edit i hope yall like it!! I wanted to upload it as my own personal but I honestly dont have enough gralats and dont really play the game anymore. dont forget to set transparency on cc bodies! male bodies. All Heads. I know others might not visit anymore and some may just be scrolling by, but for those who still pop in for some old edits,thank you. Get the latest business insights from Dun & Bradstreet. Im so sorry that i dont edit heads and bodies anymore because i quit graal a long time ago. The first head was all from scratch except the buns and face/eyes. 1995 d dime error value,
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